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Vinyl Mini Blinds

An in depth look at skylight blinds and other window shades and coverings.

With the wide variety of blind styles on the market these days, choosing the right style for your home can take a little research. Typical blinds available range from simple roller blinds to solar and energy efficient blinds. However, if you are want a simple style that has remained popular over many years then vinyl mini blinds are a good option to choose and these can provide your home with a stylish look.

Vinyl mini blinds are in the same style as venetian blinds in that they have horizontal vinyl slats stacked one on top of each other and held in place by string. However the slats in a mini blind are much narrower than a standard venetian blind with these typically being 15mm to 25mm in width. This means that a mini blind will have more slats and these are typically opened and closed by means of a draw string or rotating rod. It is also simple to raise and lower them if you want more light in a room or a better view out of the window.

In the early 1980’s mini blinds were one of the most popular types available and they accounted for around three quarters of the window blinds market. Although they do not command such a big part of the market these days they are a still a popular choice and many people like the style that they create. The fact that they were so popular demonstrates that they are a quality style of blind.

There can be a few advantages in choosing vinyl mini blinds for your home. As a popular style of blind they are produced in a wide range of colors and this makes it simple to find a look that fits in with your existing interior design. Vinyl is a light though sturdy material, meaning that the blinds can easily cope with the demands of daily use and remain in good condition. This means they should last a long time on the windows of your home. Vinyl is an easy material to clean and a simple wipe with a duster or wet cloth should be enough to keep the blinds looking good. Vinyl also copes well with moisture without suffering any ill effects and it can therefore be a particularly good choice for humid areas of the home such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Cost is also a major attraction of using vinyl mini blinds and they are one of the most affordable options on the market. The final cost you pay will be dependent on the size of the window, although for even that largest size of windows the cost will typically be less than $50.

Vinyl mini blinds are widely available and can be found for sale in a number of outlets. Internet stores can be the best choice for the widest available selection and stores such as The Vinyl Blind Store, Budget Blinds and Home Decorators have a good range from which to choose. For a more limited choice home improvement stores such as Lowes and discount stores such as Target have a few available.

Vinyl mini blinds have been popular for many years and their lasting appeal demonstrates how good they are. They are affordable and easy to maintain and this makes them worth considering when you are looking into blinds for your home.