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Solar Tube Skylights

An in depth look at skylight blinds and other window shades and coverings.

Solar tube skylights are the “new age” alternative to actual “direct natural light”, in that although solar skylights are powered by solar energy and provide “natural” light, the dangers of ultraviolet rays are more of a thing of the past.  Solar tube roof lights are a wonderful addition to any home or small office, to provide enough light needed to fill the room, without casting off unwanted shadows.  There are many styles, types and designs of solar tube lights, available on the market, for sale.  I have found several web sites that you can choose from, to purchase solar powered skylights.  Some web sites that you can surf are,,, and

Prices for solar tube skylights range from in between around $150 to about $240, depending on the place of purchase, style and design that you purchase.  Even though the prices for solar powered lights are a little more costly, in the end, you will actually save money, in a couple of different ways.  For starters, because of the fact that solar lights actually reflect natural light, off of mirrors within the unit, you will receive the same amount of light into your home or office, no matter what the light conditions outside ARE, which will save your electric bill from increasing.  Another way that you will save money, is the mere fact that solar lights are very easily installed, meaning that you will not have a need to hire a contractor to install the lights, for you.  Simply read and follow the instructions, for installation of the lights.

Before purchasing solar tube skylights, make sure that you know what type and size of lights you are looking for.  As I have mentioned, prior, there are many web sites that you can browse, to search for the lights of your choice.  Regardless of whether or not you want to purchase locally or online for the lights that you desire, checking out the different styles online will be beneficial, in order to get a good idea of what your final decision of purchase will actually be.  If you DO want to purchase solar lights locally, as opposed to purchasing from online, some good places to visit are your local department stores, such as Walmart and JCPenney, local home improvement stores, such as Home Depot and you can even check out local area wholesale and closeout warehouses, for purchase of solar lights.

As with anything else that you are going to invest your time and money into, make sure that you “shop around”, to find the best solar tube skylights to suit both your personal as well as financial needs.  Some web sites, such as the ones that I have mentioned, can save you money, by offering special discounts and rebates, such as free shipping or “percentage” discounts.  Another good way to save money is by visiting discount web sites, such as Amazon and e-Bay.  Don’t just “settle” on any one style or design based merely on price, alone.  Make sure that you are satisfied with the solar lights that you choose, without spending more money that you would like.