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Skylight Shades

An in depth look at skylight blinds and other window shades and coverings.

If you have a skylight you may be wondering whether you should use blinds or shades to help block out the sun. Both of them have their pros and cons, but skylight shades can do more.

Choosing a shade for your skylight gives you the opportunity to choose how much light you allow in. There are different types of shades available, some blocking out the sunshine completely, while some just reducing the level of sunlight allowed in.

Many people still want to enjoy the sunshine during the day, but cannot stand a glaring light shining into their home. You can purchase a solar skylight shade that will reduce the glare by reducing the amount of light that can come in. This will also lower the amount of heat the sunshine provides.

Rolling window shades are also available, and they completely block out the sun if that is something you prefer. These shades are great options for people that want to have no sun shining in during certain parts of the day.

There are shades that can be mounted on the exterior or on the interior. It is recommended to have them installed on the interior so that you can have full control of the amount of light at any time. The ones that mount on the outside are for those that want continual shading during the year.

Skylight shades are available in different colors and fabrics. They can be custom made according to your specifications or you can get premade ones as long as you can find one that will fit, in the color and fabric you prefer.

These can be motorized skylight shades or manual ones. The manual ones are on a tension roller and are operated with strings that hang down, or with a pole. If you don’t like this kind of look and don’t want to operate them manually then it is best to choose a motorized kind.

The drawback to getting a shade that only blocks out part of the light is you will never have complete privacy unless all the lights are out. With most skylights this is not an issue, and it is only important to note if you have neighbors that can possibly see in through your light.

Skylight shades are offered in various price ranges depending on the quality you want. Motorized shades are more expensive than manual ones, and if you need to get your shades specially ordered then they will be much more costly than premade ones.

Skylight shades are great for blocking out the sun completely or for letting some sun in without extensive glare and heat. You can find shades at specialty window covering stores or on the Internet if you prefer to shop online.  Some of the more comprehensive places to look might include Home Depot and Blinds Galore.  If you’re buying online, try to find skylight shades that have an ample amount of reviews; customer feedback is usually a reliable indicator as to whether you’ll be happy with your purchase.