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Cost of Replacement Windows

An in depth look at skylight blinds and other window shades and coverings.

There are a number of fixtures in a home which are important in making it a comfortable place to live. The windows are one of these and as well as letting natural light into rooms they are important heat regulators and can help to make a room cooler in the summer months and, when properly insulated, warmer in the winter months. While most modern homes will have custom fitted windows this is not the case in older properties. Older, ill fitting windows can cost you money in terms of increased heating bills and replacing these is something to consider. When doing this you will need to take into account the cost of replacement windows.

There are a number of factors that can impact on the cost of replacement windows. First you need to consider the condition of the existing frames. If these are still in reasonably good condition it is possible to retain these and this will reduce the overall cost. In this case all that is required is to replace the window panes themselves within the existing frame. The cost for this will obviously depend on the size of the window although the Cost Helper website indicates that a price of around $300 to $700 is not unreasonable. The overall cost will then be dependent on the number of windows in a property to be replaced.

However if the frames of the existing windows in a property are in a poor enough condition that they need to be replaced, then this will increase the cost of replacement windows. Some of the factors which need to be taken into consideration in this case include removing the old frames.  When these have been affected by conditions such as dry rot it can also affect the area around the window frame which may require repair work. This will all add to the cost of replacement works. Installing frame and window panes is generally called new construction windows and if this is required for your property the Cost Helper website estimates that this can increase the cost by 50% to 100% over the cost of replacing the window panes only. Costs of $500 to $1500 can therefore be charged per window.

Some of the factors that can affect the cost of replacement windows include the type of material used for the frame if needed. The least expensive tends to be vinyl although some of the other options to consider include wood, fiberglass and aluminum. The type of glass will also have an impact. Single pane glass is the most affordable, although double and triple glazing will add to the overall cost. However double and triple glazing can be a worthwhile investment in terms of the sound proofing and insulation qualities that are gained by using it.

Size will also affect the cost of replacement windows. While larger windows will typically be more expensive you also need to consider if the windows in your home are standard sizes. If not, custom made windows may be required or the opening in the wall may have to be increased to accommodate a larger standard sized window. This type of work will add to the cost.

The cost of replacement windows can be a good investment to consider for your home. The initial cost will be dependent on a number of factors and although this can be expensive it can pay for itself over time in terms of the cost savings in heating bills. For homes with older windows this makes it a good home improvement project to consider.