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Cheap Window Blinds

An in depth look at skylight blinds and other window shades and coverings.

Cheap window blinds don’t have to LOOK “cheap”.  You can find a wide variety of very nice, inexpensive blinds online, at a wide variety of web sites.  Some of the web sites that I have found to purchase wholesale and discounted blinds are,,, and  You can also search discount online stores, such as Amazon and e-Bay for marked down window blinds.  If you would prefer to shop at local stores, such as department and home improvement, you can visit your local Walmart, K-Mart or JCPenney and Home Depot.  Another good source to finding discounted blinds is to flip through your local Yellow Pages, or even go to your local area newspaper classified section and free circulars and flyers.

Cheap window blinds can run anywhere from about $10 to $50, depending on the styles, designs and the places that you shop.  Many web sites will even offer GREATER discounts on blinds, such as by offering free shipping, discount codes, percentage discounts on “bulk” orders, etc.  If you decide to purchase your blinds from the online stores that I previously mentioned, you can find blinds that are “barely used”, as well as new blinds that have simply never been used, but are marked down.  Make sure that if you purchase “used” blinds that the seller provides photographic images, for you to view, as well as offers a refund and return policy, in the event that the discounted blinds are not what they appeared to be, according to the images, or are somehow damaged, during shipping.

Browse other web sites, to purchase cheap window blinds for sale, by using web site search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing to lead you to those web sites.  By searching online, even if you do not wish to make your actual purchase online, you can get a really good idea of the types of window blinds that are available on the market, before you go to a local store, to buy the blinds that you find the most appealing.  If you would like to search online for local area stores (other than the ones I have mentioned) that sell window blinds at low prices, you can go this particular route, as well.

No matter where you decide that you would like to shop for your blinds, you will want to be completely satisfied with the cheap window blinds that you decide to purchase, so don’t just “settle” on the blinds that you purchase, based on price.  Shop around and take the time to determine not only the price that you would like to spend, but the styles, whether faux or genuine wood, plastic, bamboo or vinyl, the color shades as well as the designs and sizes.  You’re investing your time and money into the purchase, so you obviously will want to make sure that you buy what will best suit both your personal as well as financial needs.  Just because the blinds that you are purchasing are not expensive, as mentioned before; they don’t have to LOOK as though they are.