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Bamboo Vertical Blinds

An in depth look at skylight blinds and other window shades and coverings.

Bamboo vertical blinds add a certain “elegance” to any home’s windows and glass doors.  There are many web sites to choose from, to purchase bamboo blinds from, at very affordable prices.  Prices for bamboo blinds range from about $20 to $25, depending on the styles, designs and purchase locations.  I have found that there are many different web sites to choose from, that have vertical blinds made from bamboo, for sale.  Some of the web sites that I have found are,,, and  You can use web site search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to locate other web sites that sell bamboo blinds, as well.  You can even browse online discount stores, such as Amazon and e-Bay for the blinds that you would like to purchase.

If you would prefer to shop locally, for bamboo vertical blinds, you can usually find them at your local area department stores, such as Walmart, K-mart or JCPenney, as well as at home improvement stores, such as Home Depot and Lowe’s Home Improvement.  Another good way to find bamboo shades for sale is to search your local Yellow Pages, for bamboo “specialty” shops, in your area, or even browse your local newspaper classified section.  If you decide that you would like to purchase “used” blinds, sold at online discount stores, such as the ones that I have mentioned, there are a few things that you will want to make sure of, before making your purchase.

First of all, make sure that the seller offers photographic images, for you to view, so that you are able to compare the bamboo vertical blinds to the décor and motif of your home.  Make sure that you know the exact size of the bamboo vertical shades that you are going to need, after you have measured the specific dimensions of the doors or windows, for which you are purchasing the blinds.  Once you know these dimensions, compare your conclusion to the dimensions of the used blinds that you are looking to purchase, from the online discount store.  Lastly, make sure that the seller offers a “refund and return” policy, in the event that the blinds become damaged, somehow, during shipping, or they are just simply not what you had thought they were, when you initially placed your order.

As with any other item that you are investing your time and money into, you will want to “shop around” for the bamboo vertical blinds that will best suit your personal needs, both in your budget, as well as your own personal taste.  Don’t simply settle on any one type of blinds, solely based on the purchase price.  You may be able to find the same set of blinds that are a bit out of your “price range” that you prefer the most, on a discount web site or on any of the web sites that you browse, offering special discounts and rebates, such as “free shipping”, percentage discounts and discounts on “bulk” orders.